Technical Writer/PM with Healthcare Experience Apply

Required Skills:
Healthcare experience; Sr. Technical Writer, Project Management skills; Strong Facilitation and Presentation Skills
Job Code:
Bethesda, MD
Position Type:
Con-Independent, Full Time

Job Description

Writing Skills: Proficient ability to write documents, and prepare presentations for use at the local departmental level and also at
the senior executive hospital and Agency level.
a. Write policies, procedures, executive briefings/summaries and training materials.
b. Research relevant hospital and facility regulatory. requirements and other
Governmental policies and guidelines to ensure accuracy and adherence to
applicable regulations and codes.
c. Develop drafts for review by stakeholders within seven (7) business days
d. Collate feedback from meetings and other written documents and prepares final
documents for implementation within five (5) business days.
e. Prepare professional documents that includes: no spelling errors; consistent format
throughout documents, consistent with provided templates; and require minimai
editing for important content that should be included*.
f. Prepare draft presentations on a variety of space, facility, training, and operational
strategies for both middle management \'and senior executive stafflevels.

Program Development: The Contractor shall provide different types of assignments
such as, but not limited to: developing an orientation and training materials or manual
and competencies ranging from OS 9 to 13 level positions.
a) Guidelines that outline the steps to a process such as opening a renovated space or
orienting a new member so that a consistent approach to the process occurs along a
b) Algorithms and flow charts to facilitate decision making;
c) Case studies to illustrate key training points;
d) Breakdown of an extensive process into phases such as design/plan, build,
activation and move with corresponding tasks for each phases;
e) Competencies for critical elements of a process that assist with validating the
knowledge, skills and abilities of a staff member; and and/or
f) Website content development for an Office of Space and Facility Management;
preferred but not required.

Project Management/Group Process Skills:
a) Demonstrate ability to lead successful meetings (e.g. can articulate key outcomes of
kick off to ongoing meetings);
b) Understand the developmental stages of teams (e.g., forming, storming, norming,
performing, adjourning) and manages group dynamics through each stage;
c) Develop project milestones and provides strategies to meet these milestones;
  i.Develop spreadsheets or databases in Excel (using Access is preferred but not
required) to track activities and tasks required to meet each milestone; and
  ii. Monitor milestone schedule and addresses potential or real milestone delays by developing strategies to address the issues.
d) Record minutes for meetings that include, but not limited to: Participants,
Decisions, Action Items, and Key Highlights/Discussion.

Ability to work under a Matrix Model (reporting simultaneously to
two (2) senior executives.

Experience including MSWORD, Acrobat, MS Excel, MS
ACCESS, PowerPoillt and MS Outlook.This individual requires great interpersonal skills and strong group process and proj ect management qualities.

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